Billing and Collections

With high-deductible and high-copay insurance plans on the rise, revenue cycle management is an increasingly vital component of a successful healthcare practice. However, it’s also frequently overlooked. A streamlined, error-free billing and collections system will drastically increase revenue and access to valuable resources, allowing your practice to focus on what really matters.

Grandview Physicians Billing Service encompasses all key steps necessary to the claims and reimbursement process, including:

Icon Billing and Collections

Charge Entry

We follow a carefully structured charge entry protocol. Our meticulous step-by-step process ensures our entries are error free, increasing our efficiency and your satisfaction. We meticulously collect and retain patient reference and demographic data, including account number, and amounts approved, billed, paid, and adjusted.

Coding Verification

Our professional coders cross-check clinical records to ensure the highest accuracy. This minimizes both unpaid and underpaid claims.

Financial Reporting

Accurate and detailed financial reporting provides invaluable understanding of your revenue cycle. Grandview Physicians Billing Service provides both custom and standard reports to assist you with the big decisions regarding your practice. .

Patient Statements

As insurance premiums increase, many patients find themselves paying larger co-pays, co-insurance, and higher deductibles. This means healthcare practices must also increase diligence when collecting. We streamline the repayment process with easy to read statements and any necessary follow-up, including the handling of patient or insurer questions and concerns. Payments are made directly to your practice without the hassle of collection.

Electronic & Paper Claim Submission

While most healthcare providers and insurance companies are moving from paper to electronic claim systems, the conversion is not yet complete. That means medical billers and coders must be well versed in both electronic and paper claim submission to maximize insurance payments. Grandview Physician Billing System employs only the most qualified billers and coders to ensure you receive what you earn.

Patient Demographics registration

While name, sex, age, race, insurance, address, and other info are integral to optimal and accurate billing, periodic analysis of demographics can also provide insight into potential new markets and extend your care beyond your current network.

Appeals and grievance processing

When claims are denied or only partially covered by an insurance provider, your revenue suffers tremendously. We diligently handle appeals and grievance processing so you don’t have to.

Account receivables follow up

Our follow up services allow us to track account receivables, identify and address problems immediately, and increase your revenue.

Remittance Posting

Remittance posting is tedious and errors are frequent. We receive many formats for as many payers, determine adjustment codes, post codes to patient accounts, and adjust amounts due accurately and efficiently.

Claim Scrubbing

For insurance claims to be paid out, they must be free of all errors. Even the simplest mistakes can cause devastating delays for healthcare providers. Grandview Physicians Billing Service scrubs your claims and increases your approval rate..

Compliance adherence

We strictly adhere to the billing, coding and documentation rules and regulations established by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.